Mini 2018 + Venus + Vega 64 + Movaje set up. Problem with USB-C display  


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December 3, 2018 2:44 am  

I just set up a 2018 Mac Mini with a Mantiz Venus + Vega64. Plug and Play with MacOS as expected. I have the eGPU connected to my display via DisplayPort.

My display has a USB-C connection that I rely on as a USB hub (mouse, keyboard, etc), but also works as a display connection. My problem is that MacOS now detects this as two displays connected to the Mini. I can have both connections active on the display with Picture-In-Picture - when I run Heaven Benchmark on the Displayport screen, Activity Monitor shows the eGPU loaded. When I move the Heaven window to the USB-C connected screen, it looks like the eGPU is running the Heaven window while the iGPU is handling other tasks (chrome, etc). 

In About This Mac, it shows my display as two 27-inch 4K Lg displays (it’s a 43-inch), both powered by the Vega 64.

Is there any way to disable the USB-C connection so I have only one display connected, but still use it as a USB hub?

Also - second problem is that when I reboot, I get no display on either connection. I have to log in using VoiceOver. Is that normal?

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