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Mystery Fail. Flaky RX580 Gaming Box on 2018 Macbook Pro

Mystery Fail. Flaky RX580 Gaming Box on 2018 Macbook Pro  


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Every build I have read says "plug and play" for this thing in Mac OS (totally vanilla) with a Vega 20, but sometimes it works fine, but more often than not it doesn't mount at all.  I'm flummoxed.  Mystified.  Disappointed.  Any ideas?  I'm about to sell the thing, since it doesn't seem much faster than the Vega 20 anyway.

Thanks for any advice you can think of.

FWIW, when I say "it doesn't mount" I mean its lights don't come on and Mac OS doesn't recognize it.  Zero signs of life.  BUT... this morning I tried a different TB3 cable and it lit up.  I don't think this is the first time I've tried a different cable, but I'll test things out and report back in case anyone's curious.

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