Need advice on custom dock setup for MBP
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Need advice on custom dock setup for MBP  


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I’ve ordered my MacBook Pro 2018 13” core i5 with 16gb ram and I have some questions about diy external enclosures. 

1. Would I get better performance using a GTX 750ti or an r9 380?

2. Would I be able to get a PCIe to m.2 adapter, then an m.2 to thunderbolt 3 adapter?

3. If this is feasible, would I be able to power the setup with a dedicated desktop PSU?

m.2 adapters I’m considering:

m.2 to tb3 adapters:

Thanks, Noah

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Yes, can use a x4 3.0 M.2 eGPU adapter + NVME to Thunderbolt adapter. The expensive part being the M.2 Thunderbolt adapter that allow PCIe functionality on a Thunderbolt port. eg:

ADT-Link R43SG M.2 eGPU adapter
M.2 to Thunderbolt adapter


Though here it has (at most) 15W power delivery & requires your own PSU. When calculate the cost, is it worth it? The Razer Core X is ready to go with enclosure and PSU costing US$299.

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