Need help for future eGPU/macbook pro/TB2 setup
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Need help for future eGPU/macbook pro/TB2 setup  


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Hello everyone,

I'm planning to install purge wrangler soon combined with purge-nvda.

My setup:

I read that it is mandatory to proceed the installation of purge wrangler manually with the egpu unplugged. So my question is about the options I've to choose: I will set AMD GPUs and I wonder if I need to install the TI82 support?

Is there something I forgot?

I also use bootcamp, how to set the egpu in Win10

Thanks in advance




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TI82 is for old Thunderbolt 3 devices created before Macs started supporting Thunderbolt 3. The Razer Core X does not have the TI82.

In the Buyer's Guide, only the AKiTiO Thunder3 has a TI82.

As for the rest of your questions, look for answers in similar Thunderbolt 2 Mac builds that use Windows 10 in the Builds list.

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