Noob question: Boot logo on for eGPU/MPB 2018
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Noob question: Boot logo on for eGPU/MPB 2018  


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Hi All,


Sorry for the noob question. I have a 2018 MacBook Pro (touch bar) and a RX590 in an external case. I'm trying to get the MBP to boot closed with the eGPU connected and show the Apple boot logo. At the moment, the only way I can get it all to run is to boot the MBP and part of the way through boot, connect the eGPU and close the laptop screen. To be honest - this is a pain in the but.


Anyone have a way where I can boot the MBP, with screen close and eGPU connected, show the Apple boot logo and also then show login screen?


Sorry if that has already been asked. Just need some guidance.




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