Oculus VR on MacMini / Bootcamp / Windows 10 1809
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Oculus VR on MacMini / Bootcamp / Windows 10 1809  


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Been playing a lot of Star Wars Squadrons lately. Plenty of fun, and enough playing hours to now justify getting a Oculus VR headset very soon I hope Smile
My setup: 2018 MacMini / Bootcamp / EFi-Boot on USB-Stick / eGPU:  Akitio Node Pro  with XFX AMD 580

I haven't got the VR headset yet, but succesfully installed the Oculus software.

Which headset would be better / giving me the least trouble under Bootcamp with Windows 10? The Rift S? Or the Quest 2 + link cable?

What's the setup like? Plug & play? Can I simultaneously attach the headset AND the display to the AMD's displayports?

Not a great friend of Facebook data collection. I know I could try a fake Facebook profile. But: Is Steam VR another option? Or would I still need to plug into the Oculus software if I use Steam VR?

Thanks a lot!




2018 MacMini i7 / Mac OS Mojave / 4k iiyama screen