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Odyssey+ continually disconnects at end of setup

[Solved] Odyssey+ continually disconnects at end of setup  


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I got an Odyssey+ and am trying to hook it up to my 2016 Macbook Pro w/Radeon Pro 460. I don't have an eGPU yet so hopefully it's ok to ask here, I just want to get a basic hookup to try it out before investing in more hardware as this is my first time trying a VR device. I've seen multiple success reports with built in Macbook Pro cards. But on the last step of the WindowsMR setup the screen started flickering and disconnecting continually when it started sending video to the device. The status continually goes from "Ready" to "Disconnected". Anyone have any idea what is going on here? 

Video of the disconnecting: P5YpHniA1ys   removed link

Does this look like a card/driver issue or something to do with my HDMI connection? I'm using the Apple USB-C to HDMI Adapter. I'm confused with the different HDMI versions and active vs passive and whether I need to convert to Displayport first so I just went with the official Apple version but not sure if that was the correct one. 

The setup itself went smoothly. WindowsMR said I met all required specs (I did have to manually update the video driver with recognized the Odyssey+ and did the calibration step fine. So the devices themselves seem to be talking. Only on the final step did the screen start going crazy. 

I also tried changing the graphics settings in WindowsMR to Low and refresh rate from Auto to 60hz with no change.

Now an odd thing is when I repeat the setup the flickering/disconnecting starts as soon as I plug in the device. Even the calibration step gets thwarted now. This makes me a little worried something might have gotten messed up in the Odyssey+ itself not my laptop. I don't think I saw the screen in the Odyssey+ itself turn on at any point so I can't even verify if it's working. 

Any ideas on how to proceed? What part of the device chain would cause these repeated disconnects?

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