Performance of OpenGL vs Metal vs DirectX11 and MacDriver vs WebDriver
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Performance of OpenGL vs Metal vs DirectX11 and MacDriver vs WebDriver  


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Hello this is the result of Unigine Valley Preset HD with a GeForce GTX 660 for three different scenarios:

1) MacOSX Native with OpenGL
2) MacOSX Wine with DirectX9
3) Windows 10 with DirectX 12

  MacOSX OpenGL Wine in MacOSX DirectX9 Windows DirectX11
nVidia WebDriver
Valley OpenGL Webriver
Valley Dx9Wine WebDriver
Valley DirectX11
MacOS Driver
Valley OpenGL MacDriver
Valley Dx9Wine MacDriver
Valley DirectX11


The first column and third column are somthing we expect. OpenGL under MacOSX is slower than DirectX11 under Windows. But what about the middle column?
This is something surprising, First the big difference between Web-Driver and MacOSXDriver and then that Unigine Valley performs best in MacOSX under Wine than in Windows.

My explanation: Wine must "emulate" DirectX9, because MacOSX doesn't understand it, so it uses an 3D APIs of the OS.
nVidia WebDriver seem to have some problems with the Metal API, either they can't do it or they use the much slower OpenGL. MacOSDriver, however, supports fully metal Metal API and thus the great performance, because the test is eventually using Metal and not OpenGL like in the first column.

You have to consider that Wine is slowing things down per default, that's why it's only a score of 947 of that one test. The more impressing is the score of 1207 when using the Metal API (even only indirectly).

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