Putting Mac to sleep causes crash with eGPU
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Putting Mac to sleep causes crash with eGPU  

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Kelvin Tan
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Also, the crashes happens much less frequently if I connect it to the TB3 ports on the left side of the MBP (near the tab key), as compared to the right side.

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Juan C. Yunis
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@kelvin_tan with the 2016 15" MPB is more stable on that port, in my case is more stable using any of the right ports with Windows. With macOS it doesn't matter, all ports are stable for me.

The Mantiz Venus is certified by Apple (I confirmed this with the vendor), so it should not be the case but macOS is still pretty new with eGPUs so bugs are likely to be the culprit of causing our issues. I'm abroad at the moment, but maybe could you disconnect the daughter board (the one that has USB ports, Ethernet and SATA port) from the Mantiz, maybe just using the mainboard with the GPU will make it stable and it will sleep properly.

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I ended up disabling sleep on my Macbook Pro 2013. I added these two lines to my .bash_profile file:

[Please login to see this]

Now, when I want to use eGPU, I just open up Terminal run disablesleep and the laptop will never crash again. Note that it's mandatory to leave it plugged in to a charger!

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