[Solved] R9 380 on MacOS Catalina  


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I recently bought a second hand R9 380 card and a akitio node for my MacBook Pro late 2016 With 2 tb3 ports and integrated graphics card running MacOS Catalina 

When I plugged in the card it didn’t showed up in the status bar and in the system info it shows as a monitor (manufactured by AMD) when I unplugged it the system warned me to first remove it 

And it couldn’t work for both internal display and external display 

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MacBook Pro 13inch late 2016 with 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports & AKiTiO Node & R9 380

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There’s no official support in macOS for the R9 380. It will not be plug-and-play at all. You can try Purge-Wrangler and see whether this script would make it work in Catalina. Make sure to read the instructions to install legacy AMD graphics card support.

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