2016 15" MacBook Pro (RP455) [6th,4C,H] + RX 5600 XT @32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) ...
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2016 15" MacBook Pro (RP455) [6th,4C,H] + RX 5600 XT @32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) + macOS 10.15.3 & Win10 [GuideOfGalaxy]  


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Hi Guys,

I thought I would share my build.


System specs (15 inch Macbook Pro, CPU: i7, iGPU:- Intel 630, dGPU: Radeon Pro 455, eGPU Radeon 5600 XT Mac OS and windows 10)



eGPU hardware (MSI Radeon 5600 XT Mech OS 6gb with a Razer core X)



Hardware pictures 

IMG 2109


Installation steps

Mac OS

1. Put 5600 XT in Razer core X

2. plug into Computer running Mac OS.

3. make sure you have a monitor plugged in it just works.



Benchmarks (




Comments (

as you can see from the benchmarks its a massive improvement





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