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Replacement card that works for Mojave (Catalina?) in Auros Gaming Box

Replacement card that works for Mojave (Catalina?) in Auros Gaming Box  


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I've been looking for an AMD Vega 56 Nano to retrofit into an Auros gaming box in place of the GTX1070 that is in there now.  I recall seeing a writeup that the Nano worked great, but would entertain other options. I'm sick to death of the Apple-NVIDIA nonsense.  However, my laptop has the internal AMD GPU so I should research a bit more if an AMD eGPU would work anyway.  But it amazes me that I can't find these things available in the US for sale anywhere. So, where can these be purchased?

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Unfortunately the Vega Nano is a rare card now. Navi lineup won’t have ITX options at launch either. The few Radeon ITX cards that would work inside the Gaming Box are R9 Nano and WX 5100. I was watching Newegg inventory alert for nearly 6 months before the Vega Nano was available at a good price. Here’s my build with it in the Gaming Box.

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