RTX 2080 Super, MacBook Pro 2018 macOS?
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RTX 2080 Super, MacBook Pro 2018 macOS?  


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Hello guys,

Unfortunately I have a MacBook Pro 2018, 6 Core, 32gb and a Razer Core X v2 and a RTX 2080 Super inside.

I need it for Tensorflow, Cuda 10 and Pytorch.

I tried installing Ubuntu for the last week and I only found a weird "Hack" how to install and boot it onto an external SSD yesterday but I haven't managed to install the Nvidia drivers yet.


Its there a way to install RTX drivers onto macOS Catalina 10.15.2? I found instructions to compile Tensorflow with GPU support and if I find a way to get the RTX drivers onto it I rather stay in macOS.


My last resort is to use Bootcamp and install Windows. I really dislike working on windows and rather not do it that way.


Any advice? I wasted a week on finding that workaround to install ubuntu on a MacBook Pro 2018 and I need to make a decision.

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Nvidia cards are not supported in Catalina or Mojave.

You’ll need to run Windows via Bootcamp.


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You should be able to disable your Macbook Secure Boot by booting in recovery mode (see https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/11/apple-t2-chip-cant-boot-linux )

After that you should be able to boot from a Ubuntu usb key created with Etcher (pressing ALT at boot or installing rEFInd boot manager first), then install ubuntu to an external SSD or an internal partition of your disk.

Functionality maybe partial for some features (WIFI, audio jack), see: https://github.com/Dunedan/mbp-2016-linux

After ubuntu is set up, use https://github.com/hertg/egpu-switcher to setup your eGPU in ubuntu. Reboot and pray.

I have a macbook pro late 2016 and I was trying to get the eGPU to work consistently in the last few days. With my model I manage to get it working once in every few boots, I still need to figure out if that can improve. But also on windows that model has some issues that your shouldn't have since it's newer.

Try it and see how it goes for you, good luck!

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@mrpython_mcbot, I have a 2018 Macbook Pro, but it's the i7 rather than the i9.  

Regardless, I have a GTX 1080 and a Razer Core X and had Catalina.  Emphasis on the past tense, there.

Yeah, High Sierra is really your best bet if you want to use an nVidia graphics card, but mine is working - after a nightmare few weeks of failures and learning more about this than I ever wanted to learn!

The biggest tip I can give you is to 1) backup your stuff via Time Machine before you do anything, and 2) run all of the terminal scripts immediately upon installing High Sierra.  Don't install any other applications.  Yes, you'll have to totally erase your computer - hence, the Time Machine backup.  And you'll need to reinstall everything, including Chrome and Little Snitch and whatever else.  Everything.

In hindsight, I would have simply purchased the AMD 5700 XT, but when I bought the card, I was using Windows 10 via Bootcamp about 50% of the time.  Now the programs I used Windows for have come to Mac (namely, The Foundry's Mari 3D texturing software), so I deleted Windows.  I don't like Windows, but if I have to get one, I like knowing my GTX 1080 will work in it, and don't think there's anything in Catalina (or Mojave) that I miss.  

You definitely CAN make it work.  But not on Catalina, unfortunately.  And I'm going to say this is pretty much a 100% certainty.


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Posted by: @mrpython_mcbot

Its there a way to install RTX drivers onto macOS Catalina 10.15.2?


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