RTX 2080 Super, MacBook Pro 2018 macOS?

RTX 2080 Super, MacBook Pro 2018 macOS?  


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Hello guys,

Unfortunately I have a MacBook Pro 2018, 6 Core, 32gb and a Razer Core X v2 and a RTX 2080 Super inside.

I need it for Tensorflow, Cuda 10 and Pytorch.

I tried installing Ubuntu for the last week and I only found a weird "Hack" how to install and boot it onto an external SSD yesterday but I haven't managed to install the Nvidia drivers yet.


Its there a way to install RTX drivers onto macOS Catalina 10.15.2? I found instructions to compile Tensorflow with GPU support and if I find a way to get the RTX drivers onto it I rather stay in macOS.


My last resort is to use Bootcamp and install Windows. I really dislike working on windows and rather not do it that way.


Any advice? I wasted a week on finding that workaround to install ubuntu on a MacBook Pro 2018 and I need to make a decision.

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Nvidia cards are not supported in Catalina or Mojave.

You’ll need to run Windows via Bootcamp.


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