Silly, pointless graphics app with eGPU support
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Silly, pointless graphics app with eGPU support  


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What the title says recently. There's a type of coding competition in the demoscene called "executable graphics". You have to write a program that draws a single, static picture, and the best picture wins. The rules also state that it has to display the picture within 30 seconds, and the program has to be 4KB or less with no additional data allowed, which makes it a bit more difficult Smile

This is one I did recently, called 'think tank'. It came 1st at Nova party. It's path traced (a form of raytracing) using GPU compute, and the scene is procedurally generated. Due to there not being a desktop mac with a high end GPU at the party, I had to squeeze eGPU detection in at the last minute so I could run it on my MacBook pro + vega 56. Which was "fun" with like 4 bytes free to fit it into...

To run it, open terminal, cd to the csc_thinktank folder and just type "./thinktank_<resolution>". 1080p is fine on my vega 56, if you have a slower GPU I recommend 720p or less. It'll output some garbage to the terminal (as a result of some really dirty hacks needed to make the program small enough), ignore it and wait 30 seconds and the image should appear.

If you don't want to run untrusted executables (understandable Smile there's a full quality screenshot in the .zip.

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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