Sonnet Breakaway Box with HTC Vive  


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July 21, 2018 9:44 pm  

I've been running an HTC Vive on my iMac Pro with mixed success.  I recently decided to add an eGPU to drive the Vive and purchased the Sonnet EGFX breakaway box with an AMD RX580.  I got the iMac Pro to recognize the eGPU and to drive the Vive, freeing up my Vega GPU to run Premiere and After Effects.  Everything looks great on Activity Monitor but I get a consistent black flickering in my Vive.  I've tried swapping out HDMI cables and even tried a Display Port to HDMI and no improvement.

The RX 580 should be plenty powerful enough to drive to Vive, right?  I'm wondering if it's a faulty graphics card or enclosure.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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