Success - Goalque script MBP mid-2014, Bison Box 2, MSI 970, 10.11.6
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Success - Goalque script MBP mid-2014, Bison Box 2, MSI 970, 10.11.6  


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Just thought I'd share my success story. 

Firstly thanks to everyone's hard work making this site possible. I would have continued to float in non-eGPU boot failure purgatory without you guys. 

Initially I tried plugging everything in from a cold boot. About 90% of the time I'd get no boot chime, screen would stay black and fans would spin indefinitely. I installed reFind and have been hot plugging the eGPU in at the appearance of the Apple logo, still it would boot into El Capitan and eGPU would show up in System Profiler etc. External display would not come out of standby mode. 

I ran Goalque's script today and it worked like a charm. I can use both internal and external display simultaneously. CUDA-Z sees both cards and Display Preferences sees both displays. 

I benchmarked using Unigine Valley and got 50+ FPS @ 1920 X 1080

Sometimes incan cold boot with eGPU plugged if the MagSafe isn't plugged in. Has anyone had that same experience? Otherwise it's kind of a crapshoot. My current solution is to have eGPU plugged in but not powered on. 

Many next step is to use Nando's script to hopefully get it working on the Win 10 side which has been a complete bust so far. In face it failed so many times my Win10 install died and I had to reinstall. 


Thanks again for all your efforts

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.