Switching to eGPU in High Sierra. Help
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Switching to eGPU in High Sierra. Help  


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This is my first experience in connecting eGPU with Mac (Late 2015 iMac on High Sierra 10.13.4).  Through the help from this forum, I was able to get my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti eGPU connected to my iMac via an AKiTiO TB3 node.

I used Activity Monitor to check which GPU is being used, and I found that the built-in one is the one used (Intel Iris Pro Graphics 6200).  The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is sitting idle at 0% utilization.  How can I switch to the NVIDIA one without having to use an external monitor (if possible)?

Thank you!

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Hi! Welcome! This is a basic question that has been asked many times, for performance and compatibility you should connect a display to your eGPU. In this case your eGPU will accelerate everything on that display. OpenCL and Metal apps can use external GPU to accelerate internal display but it is not optimal. For sure the worst machine for an eGPU is an iMac, much more better to have a Mac mini, Mac Pro or a MacBook Pro. For example I have a 13” MBP which at home become a very powerful work and gaming machine thanks to eGPU with Lg 34” display connected.

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