Test to see if eGPU is functioning?
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Test to see if eGPU is functioning?  


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Hi all,

I have been ploughing through the topics but couldn't find my issue, if I missed it, I'm sorry.
And actually, I don't know exactly what I'm looking for..

Here's my issue; I work on Macbook Pro and wanted to use Octane Renderer. So I built an eGPU with an Akitio Thunderbolt 2 and a GTX 980.
It worked perfectly smooth in the beginning, but it became more buggy and buggy. From crashes to major freezes, like I just accidently pulled the power plug (which off course I didn't). After two days of reinstalling and trying a million things software wise, everyone I spoke to about my issue, agrees the hardware is the only thing left that can be the problem.

Is there a way to let my eGPU work very hard for a couple of hours and see if the problem is because of my eGPU set-up?
The crashes are so random, the only thing I can think of is that my GPU is broken. I don't have any friends with GPU's so I can't try another without buying one. I'm a bit afraid though that it's not the GPU, but maybe the Akitio or the way the set-up is cabled and powered.

The big question is, is there a way I can test my stuff, to see if there and where the problem is?

I understand if one would need more info, just shout and I will answer.

I'm in the middle of a project and this whole technical breakdown is the most terrible issue I ever experienced workwise. It's costing me so much energy and time (and mental stability), it's driving me crazy. But before I throw my system out of the window and buy a new one, I want to know if it's even the issue.



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It's most likely caused by your power supply. How are you currently powering the Thunder2 and GTX 980?

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@Gwerilla finally have you found the solution?

It's seems i'm in the same situation you were. Random crashes with similar system. What brand was  you rGPU at the time?

Have you swap for another card?



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