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Thunderbolt 2 Monitor Hub  


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Hello peeps,
I have researched a lot about my problem and didn´t find any solution.
I have a macbookpro 15 mid 2012 with TB1.
It has 16 GB RAM
2,6 GH´z
512 GB Samsung Pro SSD
A lot of people told me that it is possible to connect an eGPU to it?

All the topics tell me that it is possible to plugin the eGPU to my macbook thunderbolt port directly.
But I am working on a LG 34UM88C-P which has:
- 2 Thunderbolt 2 Ports (one connected to my mac right now)
- 2x USB A 3.0 Ports
- 1x USB B 3.0 port
- 1x HDMI
- 1x Display Port.
(All in all its a display with a hub.)

I´ve found a discussion where someone asked if it is possible to plugin your eGPU over an external thunderbolt hub. (It was possible but this one was TB3 or 2)
My question is:
Do you have to connect your eGPU over its graphiccarts HDMI output or is it possible to plug it in only over the thunderbolt interface? (That the data Transfer only goes over one cable. For TB1, TB2 and TB3?) That would mean that every monitor with 2 Thunderbolt interfaces has this possibility?
Am I able to plugin eGPU to my monitor directly (over thunderbolt) and connect it via HDMI to my Monitor again? (The Macbook is connected via the other thunderbolt interface, so one cable from the macbook to the display, the other one from the eGPU to the Display) (if the first question is not possible)
That means that the eGPU only would get data and send it right back to the Monitor and the Macbook would only send the data to the TB2 Hub..

thanks for your help... I hope someone is able to answer my wired questions..

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