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[Solved] Thunderbolt 3 unblocker question  


Peter Kim
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 I have a 2017 15inch macbook pro running mac os mojave (10.14.6) that I'm trying to use a Dell TB 16 with. I've tried the TB3 enabler and that didn't seem to work for me and while doing some research I came across the Thunderbolt 3 unblocker. I've never worked with xcode before so I have absolutely no clue as to how it works. Is there any place that breaks down the process step by step? Or a youtube video by any chance? 

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@peter_kim, You can use Purge-Wrangler script to unblock the older TI82 USB-C controller in macOS. Read the wiki of the script, there should be a section that explains how to use it.


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The purge wrangler method needs to be reapplied after macOS updates? The Thunderbolt3Unblocker kext is installed once and should continue working after macOS updates.

Google should help with using Xcode or with any questions.

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