Trouble with MBP 2020 eGPU hotplug
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Trouble with MBP 2020 eGPU hotplug  


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I have a Razer Core X Chroma that I've been using with a 2020 Mac Mini in macOS and bootcamp with absolutely no troubles at all (apart from the Core's crappy peripherals).

I've recently been using a 2020 MBP 2.0 Ghz for work, and for some reason the only way I can get it to detect the thunderbolt connection and the Core is at startup - hotplugging at any other time doesn't work. When I hotplug, the external eGPU icon in the status bar doesn't appear, and none of the peripherals are detected, although the Core turns on. Disconnecting the eGPU (once it's detected via a restart) seems to work normally, and doesn't signal any errors.

I typically swap between machines in my workflow, so it's irritating to have to reboot the MBP each time I do a swap. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Has anyone come across the cause or a fix?


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