Two new eGPU solutions on macOS 10.13.4: pure EFI and hybrid
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Two new eGPU solutions on macOS 10.13.4: pure EFI and hybrid  

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Dear all

I have received the Galax/KFA2 eGPU (1060 6 gb) and tried to make it work with the instructions in this guide. I have a MacBook Pro 2016 15" with TB running Mac OS 10.13.6, and an Apple Cinema Display 23". I have reported the lines below partly in the purge-wrangler thread.

Connecting the eGPU directly to the MBP it was recognised normally in the Thunderbolt section of the System Report. The Display section did not show anything though, as it is expected.

I then installed the Nvidia web drivers with the script from Benjamin Dobell. They installed OK, with an icon on the menu bar, but the display section in the System Report was still not showing the new card. When disconnecting the Thunderbolt cable the OS did warn me I should "disconnect the GPU" after shutting it down, so it had somehow recognised it.

I then tried to use the script purge-wrangler : It did work and the 1060 card was fully recognised in the system report, both displays were used normally (MBP and Cinema Display), in mirror or extended display mode... However the Mac was very slow, with seconds of wait after each selection with the mouse. It seemed like if there was only one GPU working at that time from the three installed (Intel HD/Radeon 450/NVidia 1060). Probably the iGPU, in view of the very slow behaviour of the Mac AND that the eGPU´s fans were idling all the time.

I recovered the system with purge-wrangler -r, uninstalled the drivers with the Nvidia uninstaller (in case I had installed them twice) and reapplied purge-wrangler , reinstalling the drivers. The result was the same as before, a very slow system.

I think the eGPU is recognized perfectly (the three GPUs seen in System Report/Displays) but it is not the good one which is taking over.

I will try next to close the MPB lid. Apart from that, any idea of how to use a script to select the eGPU in lieu of iGPU and dGPU? How can we know which one is working?



Mac Mini 2012 and 2018 i7, Mac book Pro 2016 15" with TB, eGPU Galax/KFA2

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