Uninstall of macOS-eGPU to update my OS
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Uninstall of macOS-eGPU to update my OS  


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Hey guys, I installed the macOS-eGPU script on my iMac Pro under High Sierra a year to two ago and I've been thinking about updating my system to Catalina. I wondered whether it's a good idea or even necessary to perform some kind of uninstall or removal of the macOS-eGPU script before going ahead and updating?

The Github page for macOS-eGPU says 'Should you update your system with new security patches use the command bash <(curl -s … but to be entirely honest I'm not sure what this means or what it will do. I just don't want to do anything that could disrupt my system, so I'd be really grateful if anyone could give me some advice on this.

At the moment I can see in my system settings that System Integrity Protection is Disabled. Should I re-enable this or is it safe to perform a Mac OS update on top of this. I'm aware that I will no longer be able to use my Nvidia egpu after performing an OS update. I'm running an iMac Pro.

Thank you

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the bash/curl script downloads the latest macOS-eGPU.sh script from https://github.com/learex/macOS-eGPU, then executes it with the -C parameter (just like if you executed the script using the command "macos-egpu -C").

The -C option (--checkSystem) just checks the system - it doesn't undo anything. It will tell you if you need to reinstall.

To uninstall, use -U

The script is only for High Sierra so it shouldn't be used for Mojave or Catalina.

Once it is uninstalled, then update to Catalina, then reenable SIP if you like.


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