VRAM usage increses to 100% when using final cut, is that OK?
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[Solved] VRAM usage increses to 100% when using final cut, is that OK?  


Neo Smith
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I'm using vega56(with Akitio Node enclosure) to speed up the final cut pro, and this is the VRAM usage chart from iState Menu:

Screen Shot 2020 03 10 at 00.16.05

When I close the final cut, VRAM usage drops to zero immediately. It seems VRAM is never released until the app is closed. I know unix-like system will fullfill memory as much as possible in order to speed up apps. Dose MacOS use the same trick for VRAM, or it just a bug?


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Macbook Pro 2018 / Vega56(eGPU)

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I noticed similar patterns with some of the apps I use such as iTerm2 & Intellij IDEA (caps at 75% though), I was wondering if it was a memory leak or desired behaviour, but I've not observed any instability so I reckon that's by design. It makes sense to be honest, since it's powered, you might as well use it!

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