Way around having to unplug HMDI when booting into windows?
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Way around having to unplug HMDI when booting into windows?  


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I have everything working (Win10 on external usb c m.2 enclosure). Only way to boot into windows is do drive select on boot and then once I select windows I have to pull the hdmi cable to the mac mini. If I leave it plugged in windows logo keeps flashing on that monitor like its trying to boot but not able to. The other monitors (connected to eGPU) do work. 

Any thoughts would be helpful. If its not possible, this solution still works.

2018 Mac Mini + Razer Core X Chroma + AMD Radeon VII

Thanks in advance!


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So you’re not using Bootcamp?

Are you able to select your Windows drive for restarting under Mac OS System Preferences? 


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