Weird Trackpad issue with MacBook Pro 16 + 5700XT + Razer Core X - MacOS 10.15.2
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Weird Trackpad issue with MacBook Pro 16 + 5700XT + Razer Core X - MacOS 10.15.2  


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Hello, new setup here with MacBook Pro 16 Base Model.

MacBook Pro 16 i7 + 5300M
MacOS 10.15.2
Razer Core X
Sapphire RX580 - now upgraded to 5700XT
Using Internal display (no external monitor)

We are only use MacOS (not doing bootcamp). Had an issue with trackpad when using mouse look in World of Warcraft. Disabled automatic graphics switching and this helped a bit but not 100%.

When using the trackpad to look around the game (mostly flying) a circular motion makes the screen loop like 4 times instead of just normal looking around. Up and down movements are laggy and jumpy. This does not happen with the same setup and a 2017 MacBook Pro 13 with just Intel Graphics and the EGPU. We started having disconnect and hanging problems and determined that the RX580 could not run the resolution to the Internal Display without heating up. 

Went and got a 5700XT. This helped with the disconnects and heating issues. The game works great other than mouse look, it still goes around in repeated circles when looking around. The MBP 13 works fine and so far this is the only problem left to resolve. 

I am mainly wanting to see if anyone else has seen this issue and has any suggestions.

This would make the wife soooo happy to fix this last problem, she is really enjoying the game with this setup.



MBPro 16 5300m i7
Razer Core X
Radeon 5700XT RAW II

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I've had very similar issues. I bought the new 16" 2019 MBP with top specs. Wanted to run it with a Razer Core X Chroma and the AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT to power three external monitors and also beef up the editing I do in Photoshop, Lightroom and Premiere.

Had nothing but issues. My mouse would act very erratic and pause on the screen every 3-4 seconds for 1-2 seconds. This was true for the Apple Magic Mouse on Bluetooth as well as the built-in track pad. Even a regular PC mouse plugged in via USB showed the same issues (no matter if it was plugged in via my USB-C hub or the eGPU). However, as soon as I disconnected the eGPU, any mouse was working fine. So I returned the Razer Core X Chroma and just got the Razer Core X. Same issues.

To make things worse, I few days ago my Bluetooth stopped working and nothing I tried to bring it back to life worked (I'm an IT Pro, so you can trust that I tried everything). Brought my MBP to the Apple Store and they determined that the entire motherboard (which I had just bought for $6K) has to be replaced. It's being repaired while I type this. Fortunately, I still have the initial 90-day warranty. Not sure if there is a connection, but my suspicion is that the eGPU fried the BT module on the motherboard. That's because for about a week when I put my MBP to sleep with the eGPU plugged in, the fans would blow to like 200% of speed and the MBP would reboot (instead of going to sleep).

My advice: get rid of it before it fries your motherboard, too. I'm still looking for a different eGPU, but will definitely stay away from the Razer Core product line.

Good luck,

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