[APP] NVIDIA eGPU support for High Sierra (NVIDIAEGPUSupport)
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[APP] NVIDIA eGPU support for High Sierra (NVIDIAEGPUSupport)  

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Hi gh3go,


I am new to this challenge of connecting an external gpu to my 2011 MBP that I have recently upgraded with current spec hardware. I noticed in the success list above you had mentioned that your eGPU housing was of the Sonnet varieties. May I ask, which model did you use?

I recently pulled the trigger on a Sonnet Echo Express 3-R thunder bolt 2 on Ebay and now that I fear that I will be unable to run a GPU PCIe card because the I am uncertain of the compatibility. It was one of those situations where I realized after the fact that video processing card is one thing vs an GPU pCIe being another. 

Here's the set up I have so far, 

 2011 MBP (High Sierra 10.13.6)

  • 16GB ram
  • i7 Processor
  • 1 TB ssd card (which is the dedicated OS card)
  • 2 tb HDD
  • 1 thunder bolt 2 port

I haven't really thought of what GPU card to get yet because at this point I dont even know if one will be compatible with https://www.sonnettech.com/product/echo-express-3r/overview.html

Any wisdom and/or guidence would be greatly appreciated,


Thank you,





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The Sonnet Echo Express III-R only has one 6 pin PCIe power connector. Most graphics cards require an 8 pin or two 6 pin - you just need to add an additional power supply for those. I've used a Sonnet Echo Express III-D and  extra power supply with an eGPU.

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