Would Radeon RX Vega 56 give any performance boost over RX 580 when eGPU is over...
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Would Radeon RX Vega 56 give any performance boost over RX 580 when eGPU is over TH1  


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I wonder would I get any performance boos if I would use RX Vega instead RX 580?

I don't play games. Only use Adobe Premier Pro and Audition and a lot VMware Fusion Pro.

I think the TH1 is bottleneck. Thunderbolt port (up to 10 Gbps).

I have MBA 2013 mid. 

macOS Big Sur, MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2013) CPU i7, RAM 8GB, Sonnet Breakaway Box 550 + ASUS Dual-RX580-08G, U4919DW

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My guess is likely yes. Although I don’t know how Adobe Premier Pro and Audition respond to changes in GPU vs. CPU, how much thunderbolt bandwidth will come into play, etc.

I only have game benchmarks and in my case there are some games where my 2012 15” MBP with Thunderbolt 1 is almost the same as my 2018 13” MBP with Thunderbolt 3. There are other games where there is a bigger difference, but that is likely due to a 6-year newer/more modern CPU.

I also noticed a difference between an nVidia 1070 and a Vega 56, even over Thunderbolt 1 bandwidth. If you want to see all of these different game benchmarks comparing Thunderbolt 1 to Thunderbolt 3, Windows to Mac, etc. with an nVidia 1070 and a Vega 56 then check out this post I did a year or so ago: https://egpu.io/forums/mac-setup/large-in-game-benchmarking-database-results/

One consideration to think about is can the power supply in your eGPU handle the power hungry Vega 56. I had to upgrade my power supply because the original one in the Akitio Node couldn’t handle it and it would keep tripping the power supply and shutting down, causing my computer to kernel panic.

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