XDR Display + Razer Core X Audio Interference
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XDR Display + Razer Core X Audio Interference  


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I've been experiencing this issue when using an XDR display connected to a W5700 in a Razer Core X chroma. It works great until I turn on my Apogee audio interface and then I get audio interference noise that sounds like computer noise / static. As soon as I unplug the eGPU the noise goes away. So something with the display is causing this interference.

I contacted Apogee and they said that the XDR display is using too much thunderbolt bandwidth so when using a thunderbolt audio interface it causes problems. This seems to be the case because even connecting the XDR display to the computer directly without the eGPU causes the audio noise through the interface.

Is there a way to fix this? I was previously using a Blackmagic eGPU and it did not create the noise problem for some reason. Unfortunately I sold it thinking I "upgraded" to a better GPU which is true but now it's unusable to do any audio work on the XDR display because of the noise issue. What I don't understand is why come eGPU/GPUs don't create the noise and others do. Could it be the titanridge controller?

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@boomting, The XDR is using very little Thunderbolt bandwidth when it is connected to the W5700.

If the XDR were connected to a Thunderbolt port of the computer directly, it would be using mostly DisplayPort bandwidth on that port and less than 5 Gbps of PCIe bandwidth. The other port has full PCIe bandwidth available for audio.

You may have a grounding problem. Switch some cables around. 



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