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I'm an IT & business economics student with a 10 year experience of selling IT hardware. I recently figured out that having two different computers (desktop + laptop) might be too much for me (that file i need is always on that another PC) and for years i've been looking out for technology which would make it possible of having a small portable computer and then having a cable into which i could plug the laptop when getting home. This device would then provide more GPU power and finally with Thunderbolt 3 we have options for this.

Currently i'm on my 1st setup which is mentioned in the signature. My other choice for the computer is Lenovo X1 Carbon 6th Gen but it would cost me 550 € more and currently i'm not so convinced that what more value that extra cost would provide me. I like the Thinkpad keyboard quite a bit but now i'm getting used to this quality display on XPS and i'm not sure if i want to lose this. This keyboard is also usable though i miss the Trackpoint a bit, but the XPS trackpad is quite up to the challenge.

Main usage for the computer will be web development, UX/UI design, light Photoshop and Office programs. And with the eGPU some gaming, which unfortunately i tend to find less interesting with every passing year...

When i've had more time to properly test this setup i'll post a build guide of my experiences so far.

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