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Hello, quite some time ago I was messing around with eGPU and decided to dust off my set and see what my old M6800 can do 🙂

Pending: Add my system information and expected eGPU configuration to my signature to give context to my posts

B Wesley
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Dude! I'm excited to hear what that boat can do. 🙂
Selected a GPU, yet, to strap to your M6800?

Sys1: MITX Desktop in InWin Chopin
i5-4570 + 1060 6GB + PCIe 1x adapter (over USB3.0 copper)
Sys2: Dell 15 Latitude 3542
i3-4030U + 1060 6GB + mPCIe adapter for PCIe 1x (over USB3.0 copper)
Sys3:Dell 14 Inspiron E5450
i7-6500U + 1060 6GB + NGFF M.2 A/E --> mPCIe adapter
+ mPCIe adapter for PCIe 1x (over USB3.0 copper)