Hello from Baltimore, JDM spec subnotebook + eGPU
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Hello from Baltimore, JDM spec subnotebook + eGPU  


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Figured I'd pop in and introduce myself:

I'm not exactly new to the eGPU scene, having connected a few different model Radeon cards to a second generation Intel Mac Mini in 2012 (see Flickr: Project-Mac Mega ) before Apple supported secondary displays on their entry-level systems.

These days, I've been spending my time working back and forth between Windows "thin client" setups and full "gaming PC" systems, and decided to see what I could do in the superportable range with my current favorite System, the Panasonic Let's Note CF-J10. Sadly this model is the last of the widescreeen, 10.1" systems Panasonic made, sporting an i3-i7 second gen cpu, but it's more than powerful enough to do midrange gaming with eGPU I find.

My specific model is an i5-2450, upgraded to Samsung 850 Pro SSD, 16GB RAM, 802.11ac, and, as i7 models (often with better expansion options) usually still fetch 80,000-200,000 JPY, I've transplanted the Bluetooth and ExpressCard slot options from a CF-J9.

I'm currently using this connected to an EXP GDC Beast 8.5c hosting a Gigabyte GTX 1080 Mini ITX.

I've mounted the assembly in an EVGA Hadron Air case, and installed a first generation iPAD LCD in the window (mostly for kicks), but I plan to build a custom "dock" style case in the near future if I can sort out why the planned 500W PSU I had designated for this project seems to fail under load.

I'm a bit disappointed in the quality of the GDC Expresscard cable mating cover, and am also interested in hearing if there are any alternate solutions out there or a way to make it less... rubbery?

Also- HELP?:
I'd love to share images, but I don't see any way to upload photos/screenshots, although others seem to be doing it just fine- am I missing an option?

Panasonic Let's Note CF-J10 - i5-2540M - 16GB RAM - 512GB SATA SSD
ExpressCard (EXP GDC 8.5) - Nvidia GTX 1080 (Gigabyte Mini ITX 8G)

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Welcome aboard @defor . You'll need 5+ posts for the Attach Images option to appear. Until then you can link images hosted elsewhere like imgur.com. Consider submitting an implementation guide for your rare and customized tiny Panasonic CF-J10:



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