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Hi, my name is Xavier. Iam 74 years young and I'm attempting to do my first DSDT override as Iam receiving the code 12 error. I thought that I would try the intel method first, however, I have become a little bit confused with the last portion of the instructions provided. So far I have managed up to this part :

c: & cd \dsdt
iasl -ve dsdt-modified.dsl

Command prompt is reporting 20 errors, 16 warnings, 31 remarks, 3431 optimizations, 
12 constants folded. 

This is the part of the instructions that Iam confused by :
Search for a unique error keyword from your dsdt-modified.dsl error line within dsdt-modified.asl (it may look a bit different) and the just swap the lines above/below into your dsdt-modified.dsl file and compile.

The 20 errors are all of the same kind, but on different lines, "Invalid object type for resevered name".
I have tried (as suggested) to search unique keyword within the dsdt-modified.asl file, but the search cannot find any of the words that I have used. In addition, this part "swap the lines above/below into your dsdt-modified.dsl" is also confusing. What does swap the lines above/below mean ?
If someone could please point me in the right direction with this I would be most grateful.
My bits n pieces are as follows:
Lenovo thinkpad R500, 3.06 gb cpu, 8gb ram, Galax gt1030 (nvidia with 2gb ddr) and a exp gdc Beast 8.5c with express card. I also have an external monitor that I can setup (if required).
Thank you.

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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