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Hi from France  


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Hi everyone,

I'm new here, actually i've spent quite some time reading other's post, and finaly decided to join this community which seems really nice

I've got a 2016 13" Maccbook Pro with TouchBar and a Iiyama 27" 1440p.. I have a Kensington SD4600P that allows me to dock my MBP with the monitor, ethernet, mouse and keybord, speakers and also charging. I recently installed W10 to work on some Autodesk apps and tried few games like Overwatch and H1Z1. However playing is not that easy because it goes from 20 FPS to 70 (with the same settings, so don't know why) that's why I am seriously looking for an egpu solution. I also found a resell of a Razer Core for a nice price so if I can get thiss one that would be really nice otherwise I will wait for the Sonnet or the OWC and chose from those one or the Akitio Node. I think I will get a GTX 1060 6go which seems good enough for my expectation

See you



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Welcome aboard!

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eGPU is really a new sunny world to step into. Smile

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