I will soon begin my first eGPU setup
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I will soon begin my first eGPU setup  


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This is my first posting here.  I appreciate the ePIO.io community from what I've seen here

About myself, I am in the USA.   I have a 2010 Dell Studio 1558 with i3-330M 6GB RAM and ATI Mobility Radeon hd 5470 1GB as the dGPU.  The CPU supports iGPU but my system BIOS apparently does not.  In other words, I cannot access the iGPU and the graphics are soley via the ATI dGPU.

I'm interested in experimenting with eGPU and I've ordered the following (parts are still being shipped at the moment)

  • EXP GDC 8.0 "Beast" with ExpressCard
  • Dell DA-D2 220W power supply
  • 6p to 6p+8p cables
  • AMD RX 470
  • and upgraded CPU is also ordered from ebay for $50.  i7-640M (confirmed to be compatible upgrade from the i3-330m)

my goals are modest.  For hobby/fun/experimenting.  If it works at all then I'll be happy.  

I understand I may only use external display with my eGPU hardware.  My existing external displays are:

  • Asus PB278Q 27" 2560X1440
  • Dell U2715H 27" 2560X1440
  • Sharp 60" 1080p TV

I may replicate this info I'm sharing when I begin posting in the appropriate other forum sections about my questions.  I have alot of questions Smile

I also have a 2010 Dell m6500 i7-920xm Quadro FX-3800M dGPU.  I don't believe this CPU has iGPU.  I will be experimenting with this laptop using above eGPU hardware also.

Thank you



EXP GDC Beast 8.4d ExpressCard AMD RX470
Laptop: Dell M6500 Chipset=P55 (PCIe v1.1) - i7-920XM - dGPU Quadro FX3800M

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Welcome aboard, Ben!

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