It’s Goalque - letters in correct order

It’s Goalque - letters in correct order  


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I introduce myself briefly. I became fond of eGPUs in 2014, after over ten years since the last time I owned a graphics card. My first eGPU was a GTX 780 6GB SC with Sonnet SEL, powered by a molex-to-barrel adapter. Then bought AKiTiO Thunder2, and later on started using multi-slot enclosure, providing better operational reliability with some AMD cards.

I’m a full time software engineer, working across different technologies, mostly web programming with C# on .NET framework, and AngularJS. My interest is also in mobile platforms.

TB3 brings us a new stage on our journey of exploration.

automate-eGPU EFIapple_set_os.efi
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We’re very glad to have you here, goalque! When you have time, it’d be great to see your Automate-eGPU EFI app to spearhead our Mac setup forum.

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