Mabuhay from the Philippines!

Mabuhay from the Philippines!  


Conrad Delta
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Hello! I am Conrad Delta. I have a 2012 Asus K43SM whose dGPU was failing back in early February this year, and I wanted to at least salvage/preserve my laptop.

And after about three months of pondering what to do, researching about eGPUs, looking for (second-hand) parts, and finally gathering all the courage I could muster to make the build, I have finally built my eGPU setup - and wrote my build here! It's currently disassembled though since the eGPU I used was only loaned from my brother, and I have already returned it. I do plan on buying my own GPU.

I don't mean to give false hope, but... If I am not lazy, I may try to use the same eGPU setup but with a Lenovo Thinkpad X240. I saw there are already guides for X220 and X230, so I am kind of assuming that it's applicable to the X240 as well. But it looks like Lenovo laptop eGPU builds are not as straightforward as the build I made for my Asus laptop (which had no reconfiguration required, e.g. for the BIOS), so that may take some time.

Anyway that's it!

Sytem info: 2012 ASUS K43SM (i5-2450U 8GB GT630M) + [email protected] + Win10 + AOC 15" Monitor (eGPU to be upgraded eventually!)

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Pending: Add my system information and expected eGPU configuration to my signature to give context to my posts