2019 16" MBP (i9@2.3GHz, Radeon Pro 5500, 32GB RAM, ITB internal SSD) and BootCa...
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2019 16" MBP (i9@2.3GHz, Radeon Pro 5500, 32GB RAM, ITB internal SSD) and BootCamp : Can't get Bluetooth to work 🙁 HELP NEEDED PLEASE !  


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Hello everyone,

I add in my gear : Razer Chroma X (32GBps) + Aorus RTX 2080 Ti Xtreme.

Once, and it was long time ago (Win 10 2004 was not released), after install finished, I had my Apple Bluetooth Mouse working. But after a few hours it used to stop working (???).


I have installed Win10 2004 with all its updates, now Bluetooth doesn't work anymore even install finished. I've Googled for "How-to enable Bluetooth in Win10", it says to go in properties stuff, and then there's a button to click to enable it (from the Microsoft help web pages) but :

1) With my Win10 2004, there's no such button

2) My Apple Bluetooth mouse is detected but it says it's disabled with no more explanation.

3) So I dunno how to do to make Bluetooth work to detect and use my PS4 Bluetooth gear...


So I ask for help ! If I did it wrong, please tell me. If it can work, please help me. 

If none of you can't use Bluetooth in Win10 2004 BootCamp, please tell me.


Oh, just forgot to add : Catalina 10.15.6 (with combo update)


I thank you all in advance,






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