Advice for fist time pc gaming.
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Advice for fist time pc gaming.  


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I am switching from xbox to pc and I was wondering what I should do.

I currently have a MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017) with the 2.3 ghz intel core i5 and 8gb of ram.

Im looking for a budget alternative to start pc gaming. Do you think I should buy the Razer core x and a gpu and use my MacBook Pro in bootcamp. Or just buy a gaming pc?

I also had a question about my MacBook, when I play CSGO on it right now I get roughly 60 fps without bootcamp but the fans are running really loud. When I get an EGPU will the fans still be as violent as they are now or will my system be a lot cooler. Thank you.","VidMate" )" data-sheets-hyperlink="">VidMate

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IMHO: if your primary target is to play games (and I guess mostly games running on Windows), the best is to buy a PC.

1) with Mac you are limited to AMD cards (at least if you want to use the eGPU also in MacOS)

And, if you want increase the possibility that everything will work (in MacOS) probably it is better to limit the choice of the card to the list of the cards officially suggested by Apple.

2) best performances are obtained if you use an external monitor directly connected to eGPU, in bootcamp there is the risk of the famous "error 12".

3) remember that also the eGPU is not 100% silent

4) don't think that currently everything support an external GPU


If your intent is to play sometimes games and also to improve productivity with MacOS (e.g. you use your Mac for job, produce videos...) then probably you could have benefit from an eGPU. 

Anyway, I don't know where you live, but here in Italy currently is the worst period of the year to buy a GPU card (also "not recent" GPU are, IMHO, overpriced, and a lot), so probably it is better to wait a little bit.

As regards your second question (macbook noise reduction if you use an eGPU) I don't know if that software supports eGPU (and also if you need to plug the eGPU directly to the monitor to see improvements); other users reported noise reduction (because the most part of the job is done by eGPU and the Mac remains "cooler").

But please, do not consider me as an expert, I'm just a guy who thought to buy an eGPU for my MacMini so I just read something about eGPU and Mac on forums (mostly here and on, here I wrote my personal opinion, it's better to wait for the answer of other users (and more experienced than me) before your final decision.



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