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Anyone play Monster Hunter World?

Anyone play Monster Hunter World?  


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I have 2018 Mac Mini (i7, 32GB RAM) and a Vega 56.

What kind of frame rates are you guys getting?  I cannot seem to get 60 FPS regardless of whether I set graphics to "HIGH" or "LOW" in whatever resolution.  The only time I see 60 FPS is on the menu. When I'm in the game, it's around 40-50.

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I have the same experience with my 2018 13" MBPtb and GTX 1070 Gaming Box. I'm not sure if it's the game engine or if there is some overhead somewhere that we can't change.

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I haven't played MH World so this is just speculation, but it does use Denuvo DRM. I've heard it tends to exacerbate the performance loss from using an eGPU, which seems to be the case in another Denuvo game I've attempt to play, Assassins Creed Odyssey, where myself and other eGPU users struggle to maintain 60 FPS regardless of settings.

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