Apple Thunderbolt Display compatibility ?
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Apple Thunderbolt Display compatibility ?  


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I know you this isn't specifically eGPU but I consider this place to be the home of Thunderbolt wizards (lol) and folks who are highly informed about thunderbolts capability/compatibility. So here goes; So I've come into a Mac Thunderbolt Display and want to try to use it with my Windows PC. I have working theory that I would able to throw a TB3 add in card (motherboard is compatible far as I can tell, has a TB3 header on the mobo) and pass-through GPU signal to the mac display via the TB3 card. I also plan on using an Apple TB2 to TB3 adapter. Relevant system specs are as follows:

Core i3 9100f

MSI b360m Pro VDH motherboard

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@averymason, Get the ASUS ThunderboltEX II. It should work with one DisplayPort IN from your dGPU then provide Thunderbolt monitor output through the Thunderbolt 2 port of the AIC. No need to use a TB3 AIC and TB3 to TBT adapter.


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