Casual gaming + I a candidate for an eGPU setup?
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Casual gaming + I a candidate for an eGPU setup?  


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Hello all,

Recently found this site while researching some options for a portable laptop + casual gaming setup. Glad I found a community knowledgeable on this topic.

I have consumed as much resources on this site and elsewhere as I can handle but I am left with more questions than I started with. The search seems never ending. Some resources I have found useful:

My current setup is:

My laptop is great for everything except....gaming

1. Civilization VI (slow load times + crashing in late game/larger maps)

2. PUBG (didn't bother purchasing)

3. CS:GO (uninstalled at this moment)

My goal setup is to casually play games at:

1. 1080p w/ High settings + fast game load times (hate waiting) + wireless mouse + noise cancelling wireless headset (if needed) + upgradability (handle titles for next two years)

I don't have:

1. computer table

2. external monitor

Will game on bed, floor, lap, chest, kitchen table etc...

Should I:

1. buy a new laptop like MSI Prestige 14 or Razer Blade Stealth (GeForce 1650 Max-Q) as my sole rig

2. keep my laptop and purchase eGPU 

3. Upgrade both i.e. Dell XPS 13 2-in-1/Razer Blade Stealth (Iris graphics) + eGPU

4. Another option

I will exclude budget as a constraint while I evaluate these options.

Thanks for your help.







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eGPU works well when there is an external monitor else the penalty of displaying back on the Internal LCD takes the penalty. No it's not an issue for games like CS:GO , but on certain titles it could be day and night (the difference) . Personally for eGPU you need to be 'docked' , so if you wanna see PUBG on your bed - eGPU might be a bad idea. It prefers a 'desk' (the eGPU solution is nice for people who want to bring their computer to work etc and dock it at home so that it gets transformed into a powerful machine 


Personally , I would just get a Razer blade stealth if you are looking for ultra portability or power . 1650 can handle e-sports title at 1080p , it might struggle for some triple aaa titles (unless you lower some of the details). But certainly , it would outperform whatever you are having now



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Agree with previous poster. You won't be gaming on a bed with an eGPU, that's for sure. It is almost always cheaper to buy an external monitor with a lower end eGPU for equal (or better) performance compared to using your internal display. It really does kill performance, especially on CPU-intensive games. Plus you get the benefit of VRR/G-Sync on an external monitor. Sounds like you are a candidate for a new laptop.

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