Cooling a hot CPU, any ideas?
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Cooling a hot CPU, any ideas?  


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Hey there.

I just got a Razer Core X and a XFX RX 5700 XT Thicc III 8GB and they run awesome in both macOS and Windows.

My build is 2018 15" MacBook Pro (RP560X) [8th,6C,H] + RX 5700 XT @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) + macOS 10.15 + Win10 // 32GB RAM. (I will be posting it soon)Everything runs very smooth, APEX between 110 and 120 FPS everything in high, but the CPU gets between 80°C and 95°C, but most of the times the latter, which is too hot for long gaming hours.

Knowing that the air vents are on the sides and top of the backplate of the MBP, I am considering this cooling pad.

What do you suggest? Any other ideas? What do you actually use?

Note that I use external keyboard and mouse when playing.


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2018 15" MacBook Pro (Radeon Pro 560X) [8th, 6C, H] + RX 5700 XT @ 32Gbps-TB3 (Razer Core X) + macOS 10.15 & Win10

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