Dell 9370 + aorus gaming box issues
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Dell 9370 + aorus gaming box issues  


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Hi guys,


Hope I found the right forum - this is my first eGPU setup - and also my very first post here. I've gone with the Dell xps 13 9370 i7-8550U & 8gb of ram. I know, I know, 16gb would've been better, but there was a great sale for this model. 


I've paired it with the aorus gaming box with a gtx 1070. I'm having several issues though. I did manage to muck about with the firmware installs to hit 2200MiB/s in CUDA-Z. I'm also running this on an external monitor. 


I have two issues:

1)USB dropouts & 2) Frame stutters

1) When I have anything connected in the USB ports of the aorus gaming box, they'll randomly dropout. I've tried with both a powered and non-powered USB hub, and to no avail. I can connect directly to the PC - but that's not exactly the "1-cable-solution" I was going for. 2) This is the big one. When I play games I seem to have great FPS. I mainly play PUBG, Overwatch and World of Warcraft. However, despite the framerate it stutters alot - freezes for a second or so every so often. This makes it very hard to play! I've tried tweaking ingame options, but all that does is give me more FPS - but no less stutter.

I hope that makes sense, and some of you have heard of similar problems / solutions!

Thanks 🙂

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