eGPU suddenly under performing
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eGPU suddenly under performing  


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So I have a bit of a convoluted set up and story but bear with me please.

I have the msi 2080 TI gaming x trio in a razer core X enclosure (I installed a corsair power supply into it to accommodate for more pin connectors). It was working wonderfully with my late 2016 Razer Blade Pro, outputting to a 4k display. However the processor, i7-6700HQ, started to bottleneck me more and more so eventually I decided to sell that one and instead got the new Alienware Area 51m with a i9-99ook and a RTX 2070 (both of which work perfectly fine). However now when I try to play on my 4k monitor with the 2080 TI attached I am getting way worse performance than before. For example: in AC Origins, despite CPU, bottlenecking I was getting around 40-50 FPS on 4k High preset now I can barely make 30 on 4k Medium preset! My processor is running very well, almost always under 50% load and good temps and the 2080 TI is not showing any weird behaviour other than being at 94-5% usage when in game. 2070 in the laptop has no such issue and actually performs better on the same 4k Medium preset. 2080 ti's temps are normal and its idle usage is just 1-3%. It just suddenly started to underperform...
I tired to clean reinstall the nvidia drivers, both with their inbuilt option and with DDU in safe mode.
I already had the latest BIOS installed and so installed all the latest chipset updates I could get for my device, and then did another clean reinstall of nvidia drivers.
The razer core x itself has no drivers, at least there is nothing to download on the razer website for it.
I am using MSI Afterburner to track all the data as task manager is being ridiculous, telling me I am at 4% GPU load while playing, afterburner says it's 94%.

I've contacted Nvidia but they are being slow to respond, so here I am looking for someone who knows the solution or had the same issue.

I am on the latest windows version and driver version and roll back doesn't help, I also cant retest this with the old laptop as I have already sold it.

Thanks in advance.

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