eGPU with RTX 3080 - Framerate drops in low demanding games
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eGPU with RTX 3080 - Framerate drops in low demanding games  


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Hi everyone,

In certain games i experience framerate drops / stuttering, and it's quite annoying and defeats the purpose of having a considerable expensive setup, if it can't even handle the simplest of games at excellent performance.

I hereby want to figure out which part of my setup is causing this issue, so i can take action upon it.

The games i experience framerate drops / stuttering:

- Rocket League (In menus when mousing over menu items)

- Tabletop Simulator (Consistent every 5 sec)

- Planet Zoo (rare)

Here's a video showcasing the issue in Rocket League:


As you can see, my CPU, GPU and Memory isn't at pressure at all.


Could this be because of TB3 bottlenecking my performance, or is it purely because of the games being unoptimized? Crysis 3 and Forza Horizon 4 doesn't stutter at all and perform at highest quality at 1440p 60fps+ consistently.

My setup:

- Macbook Pro 16" 2019

- CPU: i7 9750H 2,6 GHz 6 cores

- Memory: 16GB DDR3

- EGPU: Razer Core X

- GPU: RTX 3080

- Monitor: 1440p 60hz


This is my first post, so sorry if i missed some information necessary to diagnose the issue.

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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Make sure you're doing the following:


1. Only use an external monitor with eGPU

2. Do the same frame drops happen when you disable your dGPU inside your macbook via device manager? For me, I need to disable my dGPU to get smooth results.

3. Install drivers completely cleanly using DDU + disable windows from installing drivers on its own + install manually using device manager. There's a guide someone posted here a while ago that goes through it. It's the best way to get a smooth eGPU result.

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