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Experience with Celeron  


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Hello , i need help in experience with celeron mobile...

It is my fist post here and i would like to know the experience you have with mobile celeron processors. I know they are pretty weak and are not recommended for doing egpu, however my idea is to make a retro "console" that gets to run few recent games (eg overwatch)


sorry from my english... i'm from brazil

To do: Create my signature with system and expected eGPU configuration information to give context to my posts. I have no builds.


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Hi Mech,


We'll be needing a little more information before anyone can properly help you on this front. What Celeron do you have specifically? You said "mobile processors" so I'm curious what laptop you're using; I assume it's a laptop, at least.

To temper your expectation a bit I'll go ahead and state that for whatever Celeron you have: the internal GPU is going to be very weak and likely won't play Overwatch in any appreciable way (if the game will load at all). We won't be able to give you more information regarding what to expect with an eGPU as I don't know if your system has a Thunderbolt port. I will say that it's likely, Thunderbolt bandwidth aside, that the CPU will severely limit the game's play-ability except perhaps at the lowest quality settings.

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Then again you might be pleasantly surprised.  Plenty of youtube videos featuring weak mac minis and airs gaming it up.


But yes, what are the specifications of your machine, and what resolution will you run the display?  External display, right?


Your English is great.

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