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High fps egpu performance  


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Hi, i'm thinking about buying an egpu enclosure (sonnet 650) +  a NVIDIA GTX 1080 for my Macbook Pro 16' i9 9880h.

Now my doubt is if this egpu setup can meet my needs. I need to play games in bootcamp with an external 1080p 144hz monitor with at least 120+ fps. The games i mainly play are Apex legends, Rainbow Six Siege and Quake Champions. I don't care having higher graphic settings since my goal is to hit at least 120/144  steady capped fps. I did some researches but every benchmark I found was about games at 1080p/2k/4k on max settings so my concern is that I get worse performance with this egpu setup than the 5500m on the macbook.

Do you guys have experience with high fps on low settings with an egpu? Does it perform better?

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