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Reversal of Performance depending on Game: eGPU RX580 vs dGPU M390. What is goin...

Reversal of Performance depending on Game: eGPU RX580 vs dGPU M390. What is going on?  


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Update: I redid the Witcher 3 for accuracy as I was going from memory with different drivers.

System: iMAC 5K internal display only. Intel i-5 6500 with 4 cores only.
Game 1: dGPU Beats eGPU
Kingdom Come Deliverance.
Settings - High

Resolution 920->1080 P Suspecting that's scaling the 1080 to the 5K of the internal screen.
Test is simple, a run through of Rattay from the side where the Combat training camp is to the Chuch.

M390 - Max 40 Min 26
RX580 - Max 25 Min 16

Game 2: Witcher 3
min: 17  
max: 24

Min: 26
Max: 31

This test consist of landing in front of the bridge at Crow's Perch at night, (preferably with rain) and then running with a torch all the way to the Baron's building and back out of the Castle's entrance.

So, what is it so different about these games that basically inverts the performance and makes the Witcher 3 a minimal performance?

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Sytem InfoiMAC Late 2015. dGPU AMD M390, OSX 10.12.6, Windows 17134.rs4_release.180410-1804(1803). GYGABYTE AORUS RX580 miniITX eGPU my signature

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This is late, but I've got a 2080 and I get drops below 30 in Kingdom Come. I think this game just hates eGPUs.

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