Low egpu Utilisation
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Low egpu Utilisation  


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I currently have a MSI G65 Stealth.  It has the following specs:

8750h intel cpu

32gb RAM

GTX 1070 Max q

I have an external AMD RX 5700XT EGPU connected via Razer Core.

I am finding that in game the GPU Utilisation sits between 18-30%.  I have tested this in Witcher 3 and Red Dead 2 and I would have assumed it  would be higher in a game like Red Dead 2.  Now I know I would get a performance hit but didn't think it would be so much that the GPU hardly gets utilised.  My CPU normally sites at around 50%.

I have changed the power settings to maximum and still I cant seem to get higher.  


Any ideas?  Any help is much appreciated


Many Thanks 

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@hangman101 Are you using an external monitor? I believe the PCH chip in this laptop doesn't have cooling so checking the temps during gameplay would be beneficial in figuring out what's throttling your eGPU performance.


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